We can never fully repay our veterans and their families for their incredible sacrifice. However, we can and should ensure that those who put their life on the line for our country receive the care they deserve. It is unacceptable to allow our VA facilities to provide negligent and insufficient services for our retired heroes—years of back log, sub-par care, and lethargic response rates have unfortunately characterized the treatment of our veterans throughout the United States in recent years, not to mention the fraud and abuse that was discovered in VA facilities. While progress is being made to address this issue, more work is still to be done. 

In Congress, I will fight for reforms that bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency to the VA. I have established a Veterans Advisory Board, a district-wide public and private coalition that will identify, collaborate, and promote available resources and services, thus creating efficient access and delivery of these programs to the SMVFs (Service Members, Veterans, and their Families) of the 16th Congressional District. Our veterans should receive top quality treatment from the country they sacrificed everything to defend. 

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services is formally accepting Community Project Funding requests from House Members for possible inclusion in FY22 National Defense Authorization Act legislation. Each Member of Congress is allowed 10 total project submissions. Learn more about Congressman LaHood's requests here.

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