The United States has always been a country that welcomes those who legally come to the United States in search of freedom, democracy and opportunities to pursue the American Dream.  

However, the American rule of law must be respected, especially among those who hope to live here. We need to secure our southern border and enforce our immigration laws. As a state and federal prosecutor for over a decade, I have prosecuted immigration violations, and sent violators back to their country of origin.

An integral part of America is our commitment to the safety of our citizens and opportunities for our country to flourish. In a day and age where we fight enemies that transcend the borders of nation-states, America and our government must focus on how we welcome newcomers so that we protect our country from those who seek to destroy it. 

America has always been the shining “city on a hill.” While preserving the ability of those hoping to thrive within its borders to come to America and seek refuge and opportunity should be a priority, we must always balance this interest with our national safety and security in mind.

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