Families, individual patients, and their doctor should make health care decisions, not Washington bureaucrats. Health is a deeply personal and important matter—far too important to trust the federal government to run it. I support common-sense reforms that restore individual choice and control over healthcare plans.
The greatest challenge to our healthcare system is the ever-growing cost of care. Unfortunately, Obamacare did little to fix this problem. It raised taxes, added regulations, hindered job creation, and reduced patient choice.
To address the roadblocks to access affordable healthcare that existed prior to the enactment of Obamacare, we need a competitive health insurance marketplace and a patient centered healthcare system. In Congress, my priority is to repeal the damaging components of Obamacare and work towards a patient—centered efficient and effective health care system. In addition, we need to ensure adequate care for our seniors.
I support tax reforms and other economic growth mechanisms to help ensure that individuals can have jobs and the ability to afford the insurance and health care plans that best serve their unique needs. I support continued care for seniors and society’s most vulnerable and reforming America’s healthcare reality, which includes repealing the harmful policies put in place under the overreaching Obamacare system.