Manufacturing is critical to job growth, to economic mobility and prosperity for families, and to the vitality of our state and nation’s economy as a whole. Manufacturing in Illinois accounts for 14.05 percent of the total output of the state, and employs almost 10% of our workforce. Manufacturing goods exports reached $61.64 billion in 2014. 

Each manufacturing job creates 3 more jobs in other sectors. 26.90 percent of manufacturing employment stemmed from exports in 2011. Small businesses comprised 90.00 percent of all exporters in Illinois.

In order to have a competitive manufacturing industry in America, government must create the terrain for the industry to thrive. Illinois must reform our workers compensation system, and I look forward to working with state legislators to do that. We need tax reform to encourage manufacturers to build domestically. There must be workforce development to fill the skill gap in order to ensure that individuals are trained to fill open manufacturing jobs. In addition, there should be a reduction in burdensome regulations that make it difficult for small businesses to survive.