WASHINGTON, DC—This week, Rep. Darin LaHood and a majority of the Members of Congress voted to prohibit future cash payments to Iran. LaHood released the following statement:

“It should be common sense that the United States of America should not send untraceable pallets of cash on an airplane to the leading state sponsor of terrorism—in the midst of a global war on terror. But this bill spells it out. H.R. 5931 makes it clear that the Obama Administration violated America’s long-standing policy by exchanging cash for the release of prisoners (commonly known as a ransom payment). More importantly, it prohibits any more cash payments to Iran, regardless of the rhetoric or reasoning behind it. The most powerful nation in the world cannot be a country that negotiates and sends cash to countries that fund terrorism. Period.”

To view Rep. LaHood speak in support of this measure on the House Floor, CLICK here.