Lincoln, IL— Rep. LaHood (IL-18) held an inaugural meeting with his Agriculture Advisory Committee yesterday in Lincoln, Illinois. Organized by Representative LaHood, this working group is composed of nearly 40 farmers from all 19 counties in the 18th District. Rep. LaHood released the following statement about the purpose and objective of this committee.

“In Central Illinois, our farmers work tirelessly to provide for our country and nations abroad. From raising livestock to growing crops such as soybeans and corn, they contribute to the lifeblood of our state and our nation’s economy. This is a great first step for me to hear first-hand from farmers and agriculture leaders in my district to address initiatives and issues occurring in my district.

I was pleased to hear constructive feedback and possible solutions to the challenges facing the American farmer. My district is the 9th largest agriculture district in the nation, so connecting with our industry professionals on a regular basis allows me to stay tuned to the issues and concerns in Central Illinois and provide the best representation in DC.

At the committee meeting, many farmers expressed their frustration with overregulation from our current administration. Just this week, President Obama vetoed a measure, which passed the House and Senate with bipartisan support, to overturn the EPA’s rule on Waters of the United States (WOTUS). WOTUS is an encroaching regulation granting the federal government sweeping authority to regulate virtually any and every area of wet land—even puddles. I will work to reduce barriers to trade and roll back such regulations that prevent farmers from doing their job. This Agriculture Advisory Committee will be a great help to me at home and back in DC.”


Congressman Darin LaHood proudly serves the constituents of Illinois’ 18th Congressional District, consisting of more than 710,000 constituents across 19 counties throughout Central and West-Central Illinois. Darin was born and raised in Central Illinois and currently resides in the Peoria area with his wife, Kristen, and their three children.

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