Washington, D.C. – Congressman Darin LaHood (IL-18) released the following statement on his vote against Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and House Democrats' budget resolution:

"We have a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan with stranded Americans and allies, rising terror threats, an inflation crisis, rapid growth of the national debt, and a southern border crisis. Instead of addressing these pressing issues before Congress, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats brought the House back to push forward their multi-trillion socialist tax and spending spree. Knowing the House Majority is in jeopardy, Speaker Pelosi is desperately trying to ram through as much of her spending agenda as possible before her time as Speaker runs out.

"The budget resolution is a green light for tax hikes on workers, family farmers, and small businesses – shipping jobs overseas and making American companies less competitive. The budget resolution proposes $68 trillion in total spending over ten years. It adds $17 trillion in new debt - a debt increase greater than the GDP of every other country on earth. As we approach $30 trillion in national debt, Congress can't continue to mortgage the future children and our grandchildren.

"House Democrats couldn’t even agree on their own path forward – sneaking passage of the budget resolution through a last-minute, procedural maneuver to avoid having to take a stand-alone vote. The last thing we need with the current pandemic and rising inflation is a tax hike on hard-working Americans and trillions of deficit spending. The Democrats' tax and spending spree is a bad deal for central and west-central Illinois."