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Representative Darin LaHood

Representing the 18th District of Illinois

Reps. LaHood, Krishnamoorthi Introduce Legislation to Name Room in Capitol Building the “Lincoln Room”

September 14, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressmen Darin LaHood (R-IL) and Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) introduced H.Res.1063 yesterday to name a room within Capitol Building as the “Lincoln Room.” Room H-226, which is currently part of Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s (LA-1) office, of the United States Capitol once served as the post office of the House while then-Representative Abraham Lincoln served in Congress from 1847-1849. Congressman LaHood serves a Congressional Chair of the Illinois State Society, with Congressman Krishnamoorthi serving as the Vice Chair.

“Having the privilege of representing the same district Abraham Lincoln did during his only term in Congress, the opportunity to rename this room while we recognize Illinois’ bicentennial is truly an honor. During his one term in Congress, then-Rep. Abraham Lincoln could regularly be found in room H-226, which served as the House post office at the time, telling stories by the fireplace to his fellow colleagues in Congress. With Members of Congress already referring to the room as the Lincoln Room, coupled with the numerous Lincoln memorabilia hung in the room, Congressman Krishnamoorthi and I find it fitting that we permanently name this office after Illinois’ most famous son,” stated Rep. Darin LaHood.

This legislation would not be possible without the hard work and leadership of John Elliff, a former member of the Abraham Lincoln Association, who unfortunately passed away this past August. One of John’s goals was to see a bi-partisan resolution brought forward to have this space in the Capitol renamed in honor of Abraham Lincoln.

“As a son of the Land of Lincoln, I’m proud to join Congressman LaHood in honoring the Congressional service of Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president. It’s a fitting tribute to rename in his honor the room in which he built friendships pivotal to his presidency, and Illinois’ bicentennial is the perfect occasion to formalize this recognition,” stated Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi.

“I believe it’s most appropriate that Abraham Lincoln is properly recognized at any given opportunity. This resolution to name a room in the Capitol that Lincoln made famous is both proper and fitting for Illinois’ most famous public servant. This recognition is long overdue and as Illinois celebrates its bicentennial, this will pay yet another proper tribute to Abraham Lincoln and our State of Illinois,” stated Jerry Weller, former Member of Congress, current President of the Illinois State Society.

Bob Willard, current President of the Abraham Lincoln Association added in his letter of support, “We were pleased when Mr. Scalise named this space the “Lincoln Room’” and we appreciate the legislation you are proposing to make this name permanent. History is best understood in the context of the place where it occurred. It is difficult to imagine a singular place in America that has been the scene of more United States history than the Capitol Building. It is, to use Lincoln’s phrase, “fitting and proper,” to establish a permanent reminder that part of that history is the history of Congressman Abraham Lincoln.”

The Lincoln Group Inc. of the District of Columbia stated in a letter of support, “We appreciate your personal commitment to preserving the memory of Abraham Lincoln and your representation of the state that where he lived and that he loved to his dying day. The Lincoln Group is also proud of the support given to your efforts in this matter by our recently deceased former president and son of Illinois, John T. Elliff.”