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Representative Darin LaHood

Representing the 18th District of Illinois



LaHood on Radio | The Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio

May 6, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined The Guy Benson Show on Fox News Radio to discuss Illinois' response and recovery to COVID-19.

LaHood on Radio | WMAY Morning Newsfeed 5/1

May 3, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined Morning Newsfeed on WMAY to discuss COVID-19 on the government's response.

Rep. LaHood | C-SPAN Washington Journal on COVID-19

Apr 29, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined Steve Scully on C-SPAN's Washington Journal to discuss COVID-19's impact on Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

LaHood on Radio: Greg and Dan 4/21

Apr 25, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined Greg and Dan on WMBD radio to discuss the latest on COVID-19 and the next steps towards getting Illinois on a path to opening up.

Reps. LaHood and Davis announce extension of federal support for McLean County testing site

Apr 14, 2020

Congressmen Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis announce that the federal government will continue to provide support and federal funding for the McLean County COVID-19 testing site through May.

Rep. LaHood | On Radio with the Scott Miller Show

Mar 25, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined the Scott Miller Show to discuss the coronavirus outbreak and response at the federal, state, and local levels.

Rep. LaHood | Coronavirus Special on At Issue with H Wayne Wilson

Mar 21, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined H. Wayne Wilson for an At Issue special to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. LaHood joined public health officials, medical professionals, educators, government representatives, and others about a wide range of issues related to the outbreak in Central Illinois.

Rep. LaHood | COVID-19 Outbreak on WMBD

Mar 20, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined WMBD to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak with Eugene Daniel.

Rep. LaHood | Celebrating Pleasant Plains High School Girls Basketball State Championship

Mar 5, 2020

Rep. LaHood went to the House Floor to honor the Pleasant Plains High School Girls Basketball Illinois 2A State Championship

Rep. LaHood | Ways and Means Hearing with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Mar 3, 2020

Rep. LaHood discussed our strong economy, trade, and workforce development with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Rep. LaHood | Remembering Barb Baker

Feb 27, 2020

Rep. LaHood went to the House Floor to remember staffer Barb Baker.

Rep. LaHood | Ways and Means Hearing with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar

Feb 27, 2020

Rep. LaHood discussed rural health and the coronavirus at the Ways and Means Committee hearing with Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

Rep. LaHood | Ways and Means Hearing on China

Feb 26, 2020

Rep. LaHood discussed the US-China Phase One Agreement at the Ways and Means Committee hearing.

Rep. LaHood | Honoring Coach Pat Ryan

Feb 6, 2020

Congressman Darin LaHood went to the House Floor to honor Metamora High School Football Coach Pat Ryan for his legendary 30-year career.

Rep. LaHood | WGN Morning News: SOTU

Feb 6, 2020

Rep. Darin LaHood joined WGN Morning News to discuss President Donald Trump's 2020 State of the Union address

Rep. LaHood | Ways and Means Hearing on Funding Infrastructure

Jan 29, 2020

Rep. LaHood spoke during the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on "Paving the Ways for Funding and Financing Infrastructure Investments."

Rep. LaHood | WMBD: Impact of USMCA and China trade

Jan 27, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined Eugene Daniel on WMBD to discuss the impact of USMCA and the phase one trade deal with China on central and west-central Illinois.

LaHood on Radio | DeLoss Jahnke RFD Radio

Jan 29, 2020

Rep. LaHood joined RFD Radio to discuss the phase one trade deal with China

Rep. LaHood | Fox Business: Phase One Trade Deal with China

Jan 15, 2020

Rep. LaHood Joined After the Bell on Fox Business to discuss the signing of the phase one trade deal with China.

Rep. LaHood Remembers Frank Mitchell on the House Floor

Jan 14, 2020

Rep. LaHood Remembers Frank Mitchell, the first African-American to serve as a House page, on the House Floor. Frank passed away at the age of 70 on 12/25/2019

Rep. LaHood Honors Law Enforcement on House Floor

Jan 9, 2020

Rep. LaHood Honors Law Enforcement on House Floor

Rep. LaHood: Trade Roundtable in Springfield

Jan 7, 2020

Rep. LaHood held a roundtable in Springfield to discuss USMCA and the phase one trade deal with China. Check out the coverage from WCIA.

Rep. LaHood: Year in Review 2019

Dec 31, 2019

A look back on 2019

Rep. LaHood--Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2019

Rep. LaHood 2019 Christmas message

May 26, 2020 Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Representatives Darin LaHood (IL-18) and Cheri Bustos (IL-17) called on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide our nation’s fire departments flexibility as they face unprecedented budget shortfalls while working to combat the spread of COVID-19.
May 21, 2020 Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) and Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA), co-chairs of the bipartisan U.S.-China Working Group, issued the following statement in response to China’s announced plans to impose a new national security law on Hong Kong.
May 20, 2020 Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Darin LaHood (R-IL) was named as a co-chair of the Economics/Energy and Competitiveness pillars or Subcommittees of the China Task Force. The Task Force will consist of five Pillars, including National Security, Technology, Economics and Energy, Competitiveness, and Ideological Competition.
May 15, 2020 Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Darin LaHood (R-IL) opposed the partisan legislation Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats brought to the floor this evening that prioritizes their political interests over COVID-19 relief. The $3 trillion bill was negotiated without the Republican Conference, is dead on arrival in the Senate, and has no chance of becoming law.


June 14, 2019 In The News
PEORIA -- U.S. Representative Darin LaHood said he supports a call from the Illinois Farm Bureau for a statewide disaster declaration for farmers.
June 6, 2019 In The News
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Darin LaHood has introduced a bill through the House of Representatives that would restructure current cuts to Medicare reimbursements.
May 29, 2019 In The News
Lives were changed during a 2019 commencement address at Morehouse College when self-made billionaire Robert F.
May 29, 2019 In The News
ELLSWORTH, Ill. -- A proposal in Washington, D.C. would give companies incentives to utilize renewable energy.
June 18, 2019 Op-Ed

For the farmers that I represent in central and west-central Illinois, access to markets in Canada and Mexico is vital to their success.

When harvest comes and farmers take their products to market, they rely upon the open-market free-trade system with our neighbors to the north and south to remain competitive in the global economy.

June 16, 2019 Op-Ed

Last week, the Trump administration announced the removal of steel and aluminum tariffs on our North American neighbors, Mexico and Canada, alleviating a burden on our agriculture producers and removing a barrier for passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

April 1, 2019 Op-Ed

In central and west-central Illinois many of our communities sit along the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, which allow our farmers to export their products around the globe and make our state the largest agricultural exporter in the Midwest.

January 9, 2019 Op-Ed
Approaching the end of the year, Americans typically take time to look back on the last 12 months, to inventory the good, reflect on their work and set new goals to achieve come New Year’s Day.
December 18, 2018 Op-Ed

In today’s political climate, it’s not often we hear of bipartisan work coming out of Washington, D.C.

October 23, 2018 Op-Ed

In his pervasive opinion, in McCulloch v. Maryland, Chief Justice John Marshall penned the famous words, “The power to tax involves the power to destroy; that power to destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create.”

June 1, 2018 Op-Ed

The Congressional district that I represent in the nation’s capital has some of the most fertile farmland in the entire world, making it the 8th largest agriculture district in terms of corn and soybeans production.

April 14, 2018 Op-Ed

Something unusual happened in Peoria on March 28: Two congressmen from opposite parties held a town hall meeting together.

Even more unusual, the meeting didn’t devolve into partisan accusations and insults. It remained a respectful discussion of critical issues facing our country.

April 1, 2018 Op-Ed

Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our district. It transports people to their jobs, children to school, commodities from farms to sale, products to retail, and even information to consumers. A reliable, efficient, and safe infrastructure network is vital for our country, but for too long we have ignored long-term investment in this area.

December 2, 2017 Op-Ed

A gallon of gas was $0.89, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 1,895, the Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced, the world received its first email, and I was in high school. The year was 1986, and it was also the last time comprehensive tax reform was passed. Thirty-one years later, the U.S.


Coronavirus update 4/19

April 19, 2020 E-Newsletter

As we continue to respond to and monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I wanted to provide you with a quick update.

Easter Hope

April 12, 2020 E-Newsletter

Easter is about renewal, new life, and faith. Easter is a day that symbolizes hope for so many.

Coronavirus update

March 22, 2020 E-Newsletter

As we continue to respond to and monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I wanted to provide you with a quick update. 

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2019 E-Newsletter

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the lessons of love he brought to the world, I want to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas. This joyous season is an opportune time to express our gratitude for the love we share with our friends and family and the countless blessings we enjoy. 

A Day for Thanks and Reflection

November 28, 2019 E-Newsletter

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans from all walks of life gather with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. As we begin the holiday season, we join our family and friends around the table today to share in our collective thanks for the opportunities and relationships that we enjoy, and we remind ourselves that we should not take these blessings for granted.